Mystra’s Secret – free adventure!

As a little weekend project, I went back and took a look at the very first adventure I published to the DM’s Guild: Mystra’s Secret. I was happy to find that the general idea and the adventure’s structure still seemed solid, but I wasn’t too pleased with the execution – from editing to formatting and layout.

So, in a fit of nostalgia, I went to work on this old adventure, using every tool I’ve picked up since I started publishing on the DM’s Guild. That means freshening up the content, working on the layout, doing a bit of extra proofreading, rebalancing items and monsters, and making entirely new maps for the adventure.

The result is an exciting (and now good looking!) adventure for 1st-level characters, including VTT-ready maps, new creatures and new items. To celebrate the remastered version – and because ready-to-use content is something I feel everyone should have access to in these times – we’ve decided to make Mystra’s Secret pay-what-you-want until May 1st.

So, download the adventure for free – or pay what you feel it deserves. Anything you do choose to pay before May 1st, we’ll donate (our share of the royalties) to Doctors Without Borders, whose selfless work is now more important than ever.


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